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Magnum PET Gripper long stroke grippers


Grippers by ZAYTRAN are universally applicable "out-of-the-box". The use of third-generation ZAYTRAN technology and the selection of super tough, corrosive resistant materials allow these products to efficiently serve day-to-day as well as tough, nearly impossible long stroke gripper applications BUT are priced competitively with commodity products! ZAYTRAN gripper technology provides precision in extreme environments such as clean rooms, grinder loading, automotive, and die casting.

ZAYTRAN's patented helix synchronization system facilitates extremely long strokes.  In addition, wear is minimized because the force and synchronization systems are independent.  

As the leading supplier of wheel and clean room end effectors we look forward to working with you and assisting with your application.  The application photo gallery is a great place to start. 

  • Grippers for "normal" size jobs and clean rooms - MAGNUM Grippers
  • The GPL and GPAL mid to large grippers take our classic design and make them lighter with more force. - GPAL Grippers
  • For really big gripper jobs, 500 pounds (2200N) of force per jaw, strokes to 350mm - XRAY-S Long Stroke Grippers
  • Get the latest PDF file, includes legacy products - Catalogs


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ZAYTRAN was founded in 1980 to provide the market with large capacity hydraulic valves.  The standardization of castings and CNC Cell Machining permitted ZAYTRAN to efficiently deliver this class of products to hydraulic integrators. The founding team is best known for having started Manatrol, now a division of Parker Hannifin.

As the large valve business faded the company shifted focus in the the 80's to pneumatic automation components like grippers and is currently working to evolve to higher force levels in very small packkages. 

Since its inception ZAYTRAN has specialized in the development of products that are able to serve extreme environments or requirements but are priced to compete with the generic brands.

Customer Profile

ZAYTRAN’s significant customer base is comprised of automation and pneumatic integrators who work in every major industry from hard disk fabrication to aircraft manufacturing.

In the Automotive segment, ZAYTRAN products have been used by all major integrators for Ford, GM, Tesla, and Stellantis product lines.  ZAYTRAN has been formally approved for use by all of these firms.


ZAYTRAN's quality program is certified with the ISO-9001 international manufacturing standard.  This includes pneumatic grippers, linear locators, and clamps.

ISO-9001 Certified

ISO-9001 Certified

Automotive Locating Pins

Automotive Underbody Clamps

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