Long Stroke Grippers




An XRAY-S-2200-200 long stroke gripper is used to manage castings shortly after casting and bead blasting.  long stroke grippers and casting
A cluster of four PET  magnum grippers are used to manage hard disk platters in a clean room.  The PET grippers are extremely light in addition to their Class 1 ability. MAGNUM-PET Grippers
A Fanuc robot uses 350mm stroke XRAY grippers to manage cast wheels in a wheel turning/drilling cell. grippers and wheel
Two XRAY grippers are used to quench a 1400 degree F. casting into a salt water bath. XRAY Grippers
This magnum is used to load and unload a grinder.  The coolant oil  will attack the seals of inferior grippers. MAGNUM-AL Grippers
A pair of special XRAY-1250s  is used to manage variable diameter rolls.   Xrays managing a bail
A pair of XRAYs is used to load and unload cast wheels from a lathe. XRAY Grippers working with wheels
This PET MAGNUM is used to manage hard disc platters in a class one clean room.  Notice the three ports in use. MAGNUM-PET clean room Grippers
An XRAY gripper holds a cast wheel while it is being cleaned with live steam. XRAY Grippers
Hard to see because of the black glass!  Three MAGNUMS are used to manage car valves while carbide powder is fusion welded to the seat.  The grippers tolerate the carbide powder as well as the high levels of ozone. MAGNUM-AL Grippers
A Tandem XRAY gripper is used to manage a 120 pound truck wheel. XRAY Grippers
An XRAY is used to pull a casting out of the casting sand while still hot. XRAY Grippers


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