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XRAY Grippers

An Xray gripper manages a truck wheel.

Extreme Force and Torque

A Tandem XRAY-1250 gripper manages a 125# Truck Wheel

Xray Grippers by Zaytran, for large parts and high accelerations including truck wheels, engine blocks, and forgings. The XRAY gripper concept was developed for applications that impart high acceleration to heavy objects or require extremely long, precisely positioned jaws. These applications put extreme stress on the gripper. XRAY grippers use a ceramic bearing system, the same system that is used in ZAYTRAN high load LSA actuators, to isolate the precision jaw positioning system from jaw torque and force. The ceramic bearing rail allows the grippers to be small and light weight while delivering gripping force in excess of 2500N (560 pounds) and to tolerate jaw torque of 600NM (405 ft-lb). XRAY grippers truly deliver: “TWICE THE FORCE...HALF THE SIZE”.



XRAY grippers take advantage of dynamic developments in both material science and automation technology to offer new horizons of toughness and cost efficiency. Unparalleled rigidity is achieved by combining a 32mm ground rod and ZAYTRAN’s proprietary ceramic bearing technology. Anti-rotation of the jaw mounting system is achieved with polyamide imide bearings running in guides that are precision machined in the extruded backbone of the system. All of these moving members are lubricated for the life of the gripper.

To achieve environmental stability, hardened and ground steel, aluminum, and polymer are the only materials used in the construction of the XRAY. The application flexibility of the XRAY gripper is extended by the use of an extruded aluminum backbone that provides multiple options for mounting the gripper and mounting sensors to the gripper. The cost of ownership of the XRAY gripper is minimized by the use of off-the-shelf stainless steel cylinders. These cylinders include magnetic sensing rings for enhanced flexibility in sensing.

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